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A Grand Design ... in Tasmania

These potential clients initially asked for a door that would suit their 'Grand Design' home. A curved design mostly built by the client and his building apprentice son.


The clients chose a board of Tasmanian sassafras to incorporate and we designed and made them this door to fit the frame. The door is finished with oil so it can be easily maintained and will age to a silver grey with the remainder of the wall cladding.

After its successful completion the clients asked for more custom-made pieces including a vanity to follow the curve of the main bathroom (pictured) and a series of floor to ceiling robes for the principal bedroom.

Having discussed with the clients their requirements we used our design skills and fine workmanship to make the vanity (images left) with Tasmanian huon pine.

The Finished curved residence, built over several levels, appeared as the final programme in one of the iconic series of Grand Designs (Australia).