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a house renovation:
Doors, Drawers, Cupboards and Beds

The clients were renovating their house and wanted to create a dressing room of floor to ceiling robes with drawers; with access through a new sliding door from the principal bedroom.


Inside the dressing room we designed, made and installed one full length robe and four robe with drawer combinations to the client's specifications.

Also pictured is a matching vanity unit for the ensuite which we constructed and fitted.

In the same style as the dressing room we also designed, made and fitted a bay window seat with a hidden hinged top (not pictured).

These clients had also previously commissioned the construction and installation of twin beds with drawers (pictured left), robes for the second bedroom and cupboard units for a workshop. These pieces were to be painted, so for increased longevity and strength we surrounded eco MDF with Tasmanian oak.

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