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Beds, Bedside Cabinets and 
Bedroom Furniture

We have constructed quite a few beds and bedroom furniture including those pictured here. They have all been custom made individually for the clients' differing requirements.


To enable easy transportation all our beds are made up of individual, easily portable elements held together with invisible fixings, whilst still maintaining strength and integrity.


The T-box bed and cabinets were made as part of a series of pieces for this client. Most of this client's furniture has been made using a figured Western Australian blackbutt with square detailing of wenge and sheoak. (These pieces were designed and made by Paul in the workshop of Neil Erasmus).

D-bed and cabinets were designed with the client's own timber in mind. The detailing includes shadow lines and soft curves.

Rise & Shine was designed for a client who had very specific requirements; easy to clean around, no trapped fingers whilst changing bedclothes, no stubbed toes on corners. Having off-the-floor bedside drawers and an overhanging base answered these requirements and produced a beautiful result.

Twin beds with drawers under were designed and made for the client to paint. Lots of storage was the main requirement. 

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