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St John of God Chapel, Subiaco, WA

An amazing building, the St John of God Chapel won architectural awards on completion in 2008.

The design team for the liturgical furniture and other internal structures was headed by David Walker. We became an integral part of the making teams working closely with David and the Chapel staff.


As one of the teams, we completed the altar, tables and lecturns. In his capacity as maker Paul constructed a variety of models; to help visualise final pieces, and to set the construction methods for other teams to follow. 

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We made the liturgical furniture mostly using small section West Australian Marri and Marri timber veneers we made in our workshop. We finished the pieces with lacquer for longevity. We coordinated with bronze manufacturers to create bronze fixings and supports.

The chapel was intended to be multi-functional; with the altar at more than 2 metres in length we also designed and made a carrying device to help altar portability.

The clients, St John of God Hospital, were very pleased with the furniture outcomes and the chapel has become an icon in the locality.

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