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seats, seats and more ...

Bench seats, dining chairs, little seats, rocking chair and stools; we have designed and made many different styles for lots of purposes. The seats shown here are just the few that have been photographed.


This Rocking chair was designed and made over 20 years ago; it looks as good today as it did when it was first made. It has tremendous classic appeal with strength and integrity.

We have constructed a number of different types of Stools; where Flo bar stools (pictured left) have been designed and made with a particular client in mind, the Tasmanian oak unfinished stools are made with robustness and stability even when sold in flat-pack form for general postage around Australia.

Our Little chairs are made with children in mind but have been sold for use as household accessories, especially the stool versions. They can be sold in flat-pack form, unfinished, ready for self-assembly and decoration.

For the wild places on King Island we designed and constructed outdoor Bench seats: The trail benches were part of a series of nine trails for which we designed trail markers and picnic benches; In Martha Lavinia a bench in macrocarpa timber (this will age to a nice silver colour without the use of any finishes) can be used by the local surfing community or just by visitors to look down on the waves.

Dining chairs are an important part of our business. We aim for comfort with style; especially incorporating good back support for the diners. We work closely with our clients to produce successful custom made chairs which can become the heirlooms of the future.

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