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custom made kitchens:

This plywood and black granite kitchen was commissioned as part of a larger project within a new build. The project also included a butler's pantry, bathroom vanities and a suspended television and media centre.

The kitchen door fronts and face panels were all finished with Whittle wax Evolution oil over birch plywood. We ensured that during the making the wood grain continued over several panels, so helping with continuity. All the drawers are soft close with stainless steel handles. 

sleek with black granite                 

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The walk-in butler's pantry incorporated a stainless steel bench top with black stylite cabinets on the wall and under the bench.

We worked closely with local companies to deliver the installation in an easy and timely manner. After installation we gave the left-over granite cut-outs to the customer as pastry and chocolate making boards.

The project was a joy to work on with the clients having a clear understanding of their requirements before work began. 

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