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Storage, Cabinets, Boxes, etc

We have designed and made a variety of storage pieces whether they are stand alone furniture, fitted cabinets or boxes for a multitude of purposes.

Quake is a beautiful cabinet with lots of complicated design features. The West Australian Blackbutt is carved and burnt using red timber veneer for highlight details. The drawers hide secret boxes.

We designed and made the Wave Cabinets for clients who wanted to present their glassware and ceramic art within quietly distinctive containment. We reflected the coastal surroundings where the client lived by introducing softly curved shapes and using abalone shell in the handles.

Maya could be the most expensive laundry box in the world! Influenced by colours and shapes from Mexico, Paul made this for Kim, utilising complicated techniques
to create a distinctive look. Inside, the lid is a deep

Rise - a chest of drawers was shown in an exhibition in Melbourne where it created quite a stir with the general public. The perspex sheet between each drawer creates an optical illusion; The whole piece looks hollow and it doesn't appear to have any drawers internally at all. The hollow, floating appearance is emphasised with the use of a perspex plinth raising the drawer structure away from the floor.

This blanket box was made as a traditional frame and panel construction in a contemporary design.

The Amelia series borrows the idea of transparency from the Rise chest of drawers. Using the perspex sheet as a central highlight the small 5 drawer boxes create beautiful contemporary jewellery chests.