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We have designed and made a variety of storage pieces whether they are stand alone furniture, fitted cabinets, walls of shelves or boxes for a multitude of purposes.

Quake is a beautiful cabinet with lots of complicated design features. The West Australian Blackbutt is carved and burnt, and uses red timber veneer for highlight details. The drawers hide secret boxes and a bright red veneered display box is contained in the centre. 


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Rise - a chest of drawers was shown in an exhibition in Melbourne where it created quite a stir with the general public. The perspex sheet between each drawer creates an optical illusion; The whole piece looks hollow and it doesn't appear to have any drawers internally at all. The hollow, floating appearance is emphasised with the use of a perspex plinth raising the drawer structure away from the floor.

No 1,chest of drawers in spalted beech, walnut and sycamore was made in a traditional frame and panel construction but without handles, it has the look of a more contemporary design. It was the first of many!

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